Data Analytics​


Data Analytics​

Identify the value of your data, detect patterns and use these for actionable insights – whether it is for e-commerce or search

A Solid Foundation for Decisions

Some important questions concerning user behaviour are how new features impact it and what it means for the portal or product. Structured and unstructured data can help providing answers and support making decisions. Indeed, the visualization of user behaviour patterns will improve your products and offers. Through the use of data analytics you can also increase conversion rates by measuring UX improvements with A/B testing. Data analytics enables you to understand your users and to respond to changing demands easily.


Gain more in-depth understanding of your users

Visible Change

Visualize the impact of change data analytics induces


Real-time monitoring and visualization

Smart Panels

Intelligent and interactive dashboards


Faster action through automated alerts


Decision making based on sound foundations

The Right Partner to Gain Insights

From intranets and search to e-commerce and social media supervision, we at Raytion facilitate our customers‘ data analytics. Together we design and implement the ETL pipeline, based on open source products or on our stack. We train users and introduce solutions. We process up to billions of records and visualize the findings through informative dashboards. With automated alerts we inform decision makers so that they can take immediate action whether it is during service outages or social media incidents. Our team will always design the solution according to your requirements.

Our Services

Raytion’s service portfolio meets individual business requirements and delivers industry-leading solutions for your organization.
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Mithilfe von unseren praktischen Collaboration-Tools werden Arbeitsprozesse problemlos optimiert. Sie können leichter mit Ihrem Team zusammenarbeiten und E-Mail-Verkehr reduzieren.


Passende Informationen zur passenden Zeit. Lassen Sie die Unternehmenssuche Antworten auf Ihre Suchanfragen finden und rufen Sie jederzeit essentielle Daten aus Ihrem Intranet-Portal ab.


Projekt- und Geschäftserfolg ist mit simultanen Arbeitsabläufen und einem ergebnisorientierten Ansatz verbunden. Wir unterstützen das Change Management und bauen Cloud-Collaboration-Architekturen.