Document Management


Document Management

Display your managed documents in appealing portals and organize them by means of modern and user-friendly workflows

Manage your Documents

Modern document management adds up to more than just ordinary file sharing or some configured document libraries. Workflows reflect company processes. In particular, processes such as editing, reviewing, proofreading or approving documents as well as keeping metadata up to date. Moreover, published documents can easily be accessed in your portal with tailored navigation and search.


Intuitive interfaces for displaying your published documents

Supportive Search

Search which facilitates finding relevant information


Effortless and reliable authoring of your important documents

Custom Workflows

Workflows tailored to your processes


Automated generation of personalized newsletters that keep your colleagues informed

Auto Tagging

Reduce manual effort through automated tagging

Put the Focus on Content

We implement cost-effective document management portals, which reflect your document management processes. All required information is quickly accessible and contributes to your daily work. Document management portals allow focussing on crucial content and let you accelerate your work processes.

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Mithilfe von unseren praktischen Collaboration-Tools werden Arbeitsprozesse problemlos optimiert. Sie können leichter mit Ihrem Team zusammenarbeiten und E-Mail-Verkehr reduzieren.


Passende Informationen zur passenden Zeit. Lassen Sie die Unternehmenssuche Antworten auf Ihre Suchanfragen finden und rufen Sie jederzeit essentielle Daten aus Ihrem Intranet-Portal ab.


Projekt- und Geschäftserfolg ist mit simultanen Arbeitsabläufen und einem ergebnisorientierten Ansatz verbunden. Wir unterstützen das Change Management und bauen Cloud-Collaboration-Architekturen.