Raytion Box Connector

The Raytion Box Connector keeps content from Box always freshly indexed in your search solution, e.g. your company-wide enterprise search platform or search-driven business application. An excellent search solution boosts adoption, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Why should you index Box into your Search?

Indexing Box into your enterprise search platfrom serves a broad range of use cases. With full-text search across all documents stored in Box, including annotations and labels, side by side with content from other enterprise systems, relevant information becomes easily retrievable and actionable.

Simplify onboarding, finding and sharing knowledge and accessing the information you need in that very moment. Get faster access to files and folders or helpful documentation with intelligent and context-aware search-as-you-type – directly from your enterprise search platform.

Easily build smart business applications on top of the indexed data, surface e.g. shared documents in customer dashboards, in your chat bot, or your team communications platform.

Key Features

  • Supports Box
  • Indexes files
  • Indexing of the comprehensive set of metadata associated with Box’s document types
  • Indexing of new and changed content in near real time
  • Full support of Box’s permission model and built-in user and group management
  • Scales to tens of millions of documents

Available as

Raytion Box Connector for Attivio AIE
Raytion Box Connector for Elasticsearch
Raytion Box Connector for Exalead CloudView
Raytion Box Connector for Google Cloud Search
Raytion Box Connector for Lucidworks Fusion
Raytion Box Connector for Microsoft Graph
Raytion Box Connector for SharePoint
Raytion Box Connector for SharePoint Online
Raytion Box Connector for Solr

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